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Dr. Bryan McElderry, Pharm.D.

Hello and Welcome to NVZN Health, 

My journey in health, wellness and fitness first stemmed from my background in sports; playing soccer, baseball, basketball, football and even golf, which I actually obtained a scholarship to play in college. 

After earning my Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry from Morehouse College, I went on to earn a Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from St. Louis College of Pharmacy. During my matriculation, I felt there was a lack of focus on non-pharmacological treatment options and preventative strategies for disease states that could be reversed or prevented by simple lifestyle changes. At this point, I was becoming very consistent in the gym and with my nutrition. As a result, I began seeing changes both mentally and physically; so much so that I ended up competing in a men's physique show structuring my own training, diet and preparation. 


"You must first ENVISION your goal, then take action!" 

I founded NVZN initially as a brand to spread knowledge, motivation and inspiration to people looking to better their life both mentally and physically. I wanted people to be a part of a brand that would not only provide a service, but could build a community of like minded individuals that believed in the same mission. Through my services, I make it a point to incorporate a holistic approach to serving each client to safely and effectively get them to their desired result.

"As a healthcare professional, I believe it is my obligation to lead by example!"

Therefore, I am always looking to partner with health and wellness clinics, public health organizations and other healthcare professionals to collaborate, educate and spread the importance of diet and exercise in an effort to better overall health.